The PRESENT is Female

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3 min readOct 29, 2019


The opportunity to tell your story is an incredible gift and power. We at She TV Media believe that every part of the creative professional fields should be open to and representative of everyone. We know the reality is a little more complicated.

After college, we connected with each other a multitude of times to collaborate on a project. Our first idea was a web series called Post Grad Life, which was all about how to survive the post-graduation life (hence the name).

We made it about three and a half episodes in when we fell short in terms of content and passion.

Then, we created a “web TV” show called We Need to Talk where Meredith addressed critical issues that no one seemed to be talking about. Again, after a few episodes, we lost momentum.

(Important note: these videos were created over 4 years ago so please don’t judge us!!! We are only placing them here for your — and our — entertainment. Also, to see how far we have come and remind ourselves of the fire within us to create).

After reflecting on our attempts to create a community based on our passion for filmmaking, we noticed some common themes: social justice, women’s empowerment, and filmmaking.

We know the story of how Meredith sat Natalie down with her Powerpoint Presentation of She TV Media, but beyond that, there was a greater conversation that we had regarding the lack of women’s representation in the media — both in front of and behind the camera.

A little backstory:

Meridith (bein’ a robot) in 2014

Meredith grew up acting and currently works as a Producer, Director, and on-camera Host. She was frustrated at the clear lack of real female characters that were available when auditioning. Almost every role she auditioned for was for a “dumb blonde” or “fresh-faced” girl. She was frustrated that the film industry doesn’t exactly hold women to the highest standard.

Natalie (in action!) in 2014

Natalie’s background is in editing, cinematography, and the grip department. Early on, she was declined a few jobs because directors didn’t think she’d be able to hold the camera or lift the heavy equipment needed on set. If she only had a nickel for every time she heard the phrase, “Hey, you’re a pretty good _____ for a girl!” or “You’re the first female ____ I’ve ever seen!” Needless to say, she’d be living in a mansion.

So, when we joined forces, we realized one critical thing: if we wanted to see a change in the media, we’d have to become the media.

Our mission is to empower women in front of and behind the camera. And most importantly, we do not exclude men. We always like to say there is a ‘he’ in ‘she’ — so don’t let the name fool you. Men need to be a part of the conversation. She TV Media wants to create content that portrays all people in a human way, and generates a positive impact on the world.

Join Us in Helping ALL People Rise Today

We focus on untold and inspiring stories of empowered women [and men] through film.

Whether that’s highlighting a female-owned business owner, creating a documentary about women and men who have overcome domestic violence, or creating a scandalous scripted web series on two sisters who start their own underground escort business, our filming focus is uplifting women.

We are simply balancing the scale and highlighting those female voices that might otherwise go unheard. THAT is social justice. We are not waiting around for the future to be female, we are making sure the present is female.



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