She TV Media — An Origin Story

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3 min readSep 10, 2019

Heyo! Natalie and Meredith here! We are She TV Media: a full-service, female-owned video production company focused on telling untold and inspiring stories about empowered women through film.

Our team works on all types of projects, from client-based branded commercial content to compelling documentaries and engaging narratives. She TV Media has been creating high-quality video content for Los Angeles, Orange County, and beyond for nearly two years now. We’re psyched to share our story as we continue to expand businesses and narrative representation through video!

She TV Media took shape in early 2018, courtesy of Meredith. So here’s a fascinating thing about Meredith: she constructs most of our company’s incredible ideas (including its creation) on the brink of sleep. Yup, you heard that right. Just as she’s about to drift off into sleep, she has these crazy ideas that then become the production company we are today and some of our best work to date!

We met in Film School at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Well, we actually first met at LMU’s gym, where Natalie was Meredith’s Supervisor. Those were the good ol’ days before the Supervisor’s role became strict, and so Natalie spent most of her time socializing with other employees (aka Meredith). But it wasn’t until we both studied abroad in Bonn, Germany in the Fall of 2013 that our working relationship around video content began. And — as the people say — the rest is history.

We went our separate ways post-graduation and focused on work in our respective fields: Meredith as a writer, producer, director, and on-camera host; and Natalie as a cinematographer, producer, and editor. After our first few years in the industry, working on a variety of independent and studio productions (Hard Medicine, Disjointed, School of Rock, Jane the Virgin, East Los High, just to name a few), we were both faced with a monumental career question: when am I going to get my dream job?

Fast forward to a beautiful sunny LA day in January of 2018, Meredith invited Natalie over to her place for a hangout. Little did Natalie know, Meredith had an entire 12-slide PowerPoint ready for presenting. Meredith pitched “She TV” production company (which later became “She TV Media” due to trademark reasons). Natalie LOVED the idea, but Meredith said “SHH! Go home and sleep on it!” And Natalie did just that.

She returned the next day with a “yes and” PowerPoint that included ways in which they could involve men in the company and conversation across Los Angeles and beyond. After all, it was through a handful of mentors and professors (all male) that Natalie accessed the incredible opportunities that paved the way for she is today. We knew we needed all of our supporters to be a part of the conversation.

And just like that, She TV Media began. That same day Meredith and Natalie purchased their website domain (, as well as all the social media handles (@SheTVmedia). Individually, we are talented, creative, go-getting, and persistent filmmakers; but together, we rise.

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She TV Media™️

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